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Scale up, maximize your impact

Scaling is a major step that comes with its own risks and challenges. How can you grow without losing sight of your raison d’être? How can you manage your growth process without losing sight of your values and commitments? The Transformation program provides you with 4 to 8 months of intensive, tailored coaching to guide you through this crucial phase.

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Looking for coaching as you grow and expand your impact? Join the Transformation program!

Social impact and economic performance

This customized coaching program helps you roll out a scaling strategy to maximize your social impact while adhering to your business objectives.

Plan your growth

Settle on a clearly defined strategy to put your growth plan into action and scale up.

Plan for commercialization

Define and roll out your plan for commercialization and accessing new markets. Structure your sales and marketing operations.

Scale and optimize your operations

Launch your scaling strategy and optimize your processes for increased operational efficiency.

Develop your financing strategy

Launch your customized financing strategies in cooperation with our impact finance experts.

Build an impact-driven business model

Shore up your business model with an innovative approach that is both economically viable and socially impactful.

Connect with business and impact investor networks

Expand your network by meeting key stakeholders and impact investment leaders.

Tailored coaching

The Transformation program provides fully customized support to select organizations with strong potential for impact and transformation.

Tailored coaching

Organizations that take part in this program receive up to 400 hours of tailored coaching from the impact8 team, impact leaders and C-level coaches to accelerate operationalization of their growth plans.

International visibility

Organizations will receive coaching from impact8’s international partner network on strategies for accessing new markets. A few selected organizations receive coaching at events such as the social Finance forum in Toronto and SOCAP in San Francisco.

Easier access to impact finance networks

Organizations will receive coaching to develop a financing strategy and find the right financing channels to support their growth.

The organizations will benefit from the SVX team expertise to develop their financing strategy.

SVX is a Canada-wide platform that connects investors with impact investment funds and ventures. This platform is accessible to organizations in the Transformation program that are ready to raise capital and able to meet the platform’s eligibility criteria.

Ready to scale up?

We strive to provide top-notch support for organizations and teams that meet the following conditions:

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  • You are developing an entrepreneurial project with strong potential for impact and transformation in communities;
  • You have a solid strategy and all the right tools to ensure your value proposition has staying power on the market;
  • You are ready and available to commit to an intensive coaching process (several hours per week);
  • Your organization’s sales do not exceed $2M per year.

System Transformation Modules

Organizations in the Transformation program can have access to modules to support them in aligning their growth strategy and impact strategy. About ten organizations follow over 20 hours of group workshops and coaching by experts in system change, change theory, impact measurement, strategic planning, storytelling and organizational leadership over a four-month period.

These modules are developed in collaboration with Elements Financial and the innovation agency Rhizome.

Objectives of the modules :

Transformation of systems

Validate and optimize its impact model in the context of system transformation.

Impact measurement

Define impact objectives and structure its measurement approach to optimize its activities.

Impact storytelling

Develop an impact communication strategy according to its stakeholders.

Strategic planning

Articulate the impact strategy and the impact model in a growth context.

These modules are also available to :

Would you like to offer the System Transformation modules to your organizations?

The Transformation program is carried out jointly with MAIN (Mouvement des accélérateurs d'innovations du Québec) and the Quebec government.

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