impact8 is a series of coaching programs for impact entrepreneurs and organizations dedicated to changing the present to build the future.

Spark and accelerate social change

impact8 is a series of coaching programs developed by Esplanade, Quebec’s first accelerator and collaborative workspace dedicated to entrepreneurship and social innovation.

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A tailored approach to bridge the gap between social impact and economic viability for the development of entrepreneurship skills and mindsets.

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Explore our three impact8 coaching programs—Collision, Acceleration, and Transformation— and the “in residence” services we offer.

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A committed team and network of coaches and experts supporting entrepreneurs and organizations.







The impact8 experience, as told by our entrepreneurs

Scaling up

“We experienced impact8 as an iteration that provided a structure for questioning, planning and implementing our social impact. This process involves a great deal of work, throughout which we receive constant support from heavily invested coaches. In under 6 months, Thésez-vous doubled its activities, solidified its business model and planned the next scaling phase.”
Sara C. Mathieu, Émilie Tremblay-Wragg & Élise LeMoyne - Thésez-vous Team
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A reliable support

“With impact8, we felt that we had reliable support we could count on and that taught us so much about being creative, innovative and impactful. We are gradually becoming more independent through this type of coaching.”
Edouard Ferron-Mallet & Alexandre Dos Santos - Co-founders, Mr Young
MrYoung impact8

Buidlding an impact-driven business model

“ChrysaLabs is an innovative tech company with strong values about society and the environment. Esplanade’s impact8 Support program helped us integrate these values into our business models while remaining financially viable.”
Benjamin de Leener & Gabriel Mangeat - Co-founders, Chrysalabs
Chrysalabs impact8

Social impact as a vertuous circle

“We found a balance again. We reconciled with our desire for social impact. We had put it on hold due to the market’s lukewarm reception. And yet, social impact can create a virtuous cycle. Working with big chain companies is lucrative right from the start. Working with small businesses is satisfying right from the start and pays off later on down the road. So we decided to base our model on both types of clients.”
Rodolphe Barrère - Co-founder and CEO, Potloc
potloc impact8

Combine economic viability and social impact

“impact8 constantly made us reflect on and rethink our business model in terms of our social impact. With the coaching team's support and the chance to learn from our peers’ experience, we were able to strike that balance, to structure our organization and focus on our activities to amplify our impact in communities.”
Olivier Demers-Dubé & Émilie Nollet - Co-founders, ÉAU
éau impact8
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