For a successful launch of your impact project

Collision is a 3-month coaching program designed to help you launch your impact project and structure your entrepreneurial approach. You are surrounded by a community of coachs, experts and entrepreneurs who will help you take on the first challenges of your development. You will be guided to build your entrepreneurial project on solid foundations in order to ensure its sustainability and increase your impact.

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Spark a change

The Collision program is carried out in themed cohorts in industries with strong potential for social innovation.

High-intensity three months coaching program

The Collision program provides you with three months of intensive coaching, practical workshops tailored to your stage of development and networking activities.


Coaching sessions with the program coaches during and between workshop days to monitor your development and maintain regular and individualized contact points.


Workshop days to develop a deep and practical understanding of key tools and methodologies for entrepreneurial development.


Community moments dedicated to building strong connections between members of the same cohort

Meet the alumni

Meetings and opportunities to meet and exchange with alumnis of impact programs8 to share feedback as well as valuable advice for your project development.

Access to a network

Regular contacts with our large network of experts, impact leaders and business partners.


Increased visibility on Esplanade active networks and social platforms.

Program objectives

By integrating the Collision program, you surround yourself with a community of coaches, experts and entrepreneurs who will coach you to acquire the necessary foundations for your development and ensure the sustainability of your impact project.

Understand and define your impact

Clarify and review the social, environmental and economic impact of your organization and solutions.

Develop your mindset

Reveal your full potential as an entrepreneur. Embody the values that guide your day-to-day actions.

Understand your ecosystem

Delve into your ecosystem to identify where your issues, needs and solutions overlap.

Build an impact-driven business model

Break down barriers to structure your business model on an innovative approach that is both economically viable and socially impactful.

Validate your idea

Challenge your ideas to develop a solution that truly meets your users’ needs.

Embrace an ecosystem of changemakers

Forge connections and collaborative relationships that will guide you along your entrepreneurial journey.

Get ready to roll out your innovations

The courses and workshops of the Collision program are structured around four main thematic modules. You are supported at each stage of the process until your proof of concept is validated at the end of the program. Program sequence:

Ready to get started?

Do you recognize yourself here? Collision is made for you!

  • Entrepreneur / Team

    You are an entrepreneur / entrepreneurial team and you want to validate your value proposition and consolidate your business model.

  • Established organization

    You are an established organization and you want to be supported in the development of a new product or service.

  • NPO / Coop

    You are a young coop or a non-profit and you want to structure your business model to better support your social mission and increase your impact

  • Researcher

    You are a researcher in the health, food, education or energy sector and you want to use your research results in an entrepreneurial approach

We strive to provide top-notch support for projects and teams that meet the following conditions:

Impact8 Incubation
  • You are developing an entrepreneurial project with strong potential for impact and transformation in communities;
  • Your project takes an innovative, efficient and realistic approach to solving a problem or meeting an identified need.
  • You are ready and available to commit for the duration of the program.
  • You are open to learning and value collaboration and empathy.

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The call for applications is closed.

  • Call for Applications

    February 3rd - March 8th

  • Information session

    February 18th

  • Project pre-selection

    March 27th

  • Bootcamp

    April 2nd & April 3rd

  • Project selection

    April 24th


A committed team and a network of coaches and experts working for entrepreneurs and organizations.

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