Creative destruction at its best

impact8 is a series of coaching programs designed to support changemakers in the development of their entrepreneurial project.
Collision, Acceleration, Transformation: the 3 impact8 programs take you out of your comfort zone in a process combining destruction and creation. Break down borders, reverse preconceived ideas and open the doors to new collaborations: we are convinced that collisions are the foundations of any entrepreneurial journey. Then, move up a gear! The Acceleration program offers personalized support to help you maximize your social impact while meeting your business goals. Finally, step 3: you have acquired the skills and leadership necessary to engage in a process of scaling up your organization and transforming your ecosystem. impact8 supports you there too.


What is social impact?

"Social impact is the total of positive or negative changes, expected or unexpected, and sustainable, generated by the activities implemented and resulting from these activities. These impacts can be environmental, economic or social."
_ Guide on measuring social impact, Rexel Foundation


Impact beyond measure

Impact is no longer an option. However, it is not only a question of talking about it, or simply measuring the impact of your actions. The entrepreneurial support offered through the impact8 programs allows you to develop an understanding of impact that goes beyond its mere measurement. Impact is part of your DNA and becomes an essential component considered at every stage of development and in each of your decisions. By joining the impact8 programs, you benefit from the expertise of the team and coaches to develop an innovative business model, allowing you to maximize your social impact while ensuring the sustainability of your organization.

The human being at the heart of change

Soft skills and hard skills (Being and Doing) : the coaching offered as part of our impact8 programs is not limited to the development of your entrepreneurial skills. We also help you, through various tools and workshops, to develop and embody an entrepreneurial posture that stands out from the traditional entrepreneur. You are called to develop a mix of human and organizational qualities in order to establish the development of your organization on the values that guide your daily actions and decisions.


Social innovation clusters

Esplanade relies on its federating role and its position within the entrepreneurial and social innovation ecosystem in Quebec to build, develop, and structure 3 social innovation clusters in the following sectors: community health, urban food systems, energy and mobility. These clusters are thought as catalysts for the transformation of entrepreneurial intentions into entrepreneurial actions. They are also designed to provide an opportunity for dialogue between a diversity of stakeholders evolving in the same sector.
While Esplanade provides the expertise in entrepreneurial support, our partners contribute to a better understanding of the issues and challenges while providing the sectoral expertise and resources.

  • Community Health

  • Mobility & Energy

  • Urban Food Systems